JBL Vertec 4888 Line Array

The VT4888 Three-Way Line Array Elementis designed to deliver high-quality reinforce-ment of music and speech in a variety of applications including concert audio and corporate A/V presentations of all types for both portable users and fixed venue installations.

JBL latest generation of high-powered, lightweight transducers, coupled to our proven line array technology, is at the core of VERTEC systems and is a direct response to the rental sound industry’s demand for reduced system size and complexity while simultaneously delivering highly advanced performance. Rugged, integral array suspension hardware ensures fast, reliable setups and takedowns.

Soundcraft LX7ii

Introducing the new Soundcraft LX7ii – our hugely popular 7-bus mid-sized mixing console,totally re-engineered with genuine Soundcraft technology for unrivalled sonic performance. The LX7ii can handle both FOH and monitors, making it ideal for live sound applications in small to medium-sized venues. And direct channel outputs allow for simple connection of multitrack recording equipment, making the LX7ii equally at home in the


A fully integrated live sound system that combines all I/O, digital signal processing, and tactile control into a single console. The console not only features the celebrated characteristics of VENUE, including studio-quality plug-in support, seamless integration with Pro Tools systems, and complete show file portability, it offers several innovative new workflows that streamline the mixing process, allowing you to concentrate on mixing the show instead of operating the board.

The Yamaha IM8-32

The Yamaha IM8-32 brings experience and know-how accumulated over 35 years in the production of industry-leading mixing consoles to bear in three mid-size consoles that cut no corners when it comes to overall performance and sonic quality. In addition to no-compromise design and development aimed at delivering the finest performance and most useful feature set available in this class, production and assembly are carried out at Yamaha’s own domestic facilities – the same factories where the legendary Yamaha PM series consoles are produced – to ensure unrelenting quality control throughout. Every inch of these extraordinary consoles is well thought out and built for a purpose. There are no unnecessary features, and nothing is out of place. The IM8-32 consoles deliver a basic but plentiful complement of features plus truly transparent, high-resolution sound with tireless reliability.These are consoles for serious sound applications, and will provide eminently professional performance, sound, and control in permanent installations or on the road.